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"I won't do this next time!" Many owners who have just decorated will say so. "Decoration is a process full of regrets." Originally, I planned to be different and perfect, but in the end, I always got into trouble and was full of "dissatisfaction". Here we will announce some minor regrets about the decoration of other people's homes in advance. I hope the owners will take warning and don't let others' regrets become your regrets

“ I won't do it next time& rdquo; Many owners who have just decorated will say so& ldquo; Decoration is a process full of regrets& rdquo; Originally, I planned to be different and perfect, but in the end, I always got into trouble and filled my eyes with “ Dissatisfied ”. Here we will announce some minor regrets about the decoration of other people's homes in advance. I hope the owners will take warning and don't let others' regrets become your regrets

summary of bathroom decoration regrets:

1. Don't buy a double pole towel rack. The glass shelf for cosmetics in the bathroom should be of good quality. I took a bath occasionally, and the shower gel was a little heavy. When I put it on the glass, the quality of the glass clip was poor, loose, and the glass fell down &hellip& hellip;

2. The cabinet in the bathroom can be customized at the kitchen company, but it should be made with metal feet suspended below, otherwise it will be difficult to repair the leakage in the future, and it is convenient to clean it at ordinary times. The toilet must be waterproof, including the ground and walls. The size of the washbasin and faucet should be matched. The bathroom tiles with waist line and tiles should be thought out in advance. When other things are installed in the future, don't block or conflict

3. Those with high floors should be equipped with booster pumps, otherwise the gas water heater will be cold and hot when bathing

4. Don't lay ordinary tiles just because the laundry is not very important. Be sure to lay them well. My laundry is paved with cheap tiles. As a result, it absorbs water and has color difference. Alas, now it may be knocked off and paved again

5. I didn't use the bathtub or shower room. I bought a transparent shower curtain at IKEA for 17 yuan. It's very cool and pp. if I'm tired of it, I can change it for something else. It's really good and cheap

6. My current regret is that the toilet basin is too high. 85CM was made on the table, and then the basin was put on the table. Add up to more than 90cm, viewers always feel strange. When you go to the store, there are obvious differences

7. The sanitary ware should also be selected first, and the positions of drainage and water pipes should be arranged, otherwise it will be very ugly to connect many other pipes at that time. Moreover, it is necessary to find a knowledgeable person to accompany the sanitary ware. Some things that look very good may not be able to be installed (the new American Standard basin bought by our family is absolutely poor in design, and the workers installed it all night)

8. And I regret using the three hole faucet. The day before delivery, I suddenly saw the beautiful single hole faucet of Gaoyi in the bathroom of my office. But the next day, when the replacement notice was given, it was already delivered. I have to make do with it. There is also the toilet basin water supply. I regret using the wall mounted kitchen and bathroom treasure. I should use the water heater that can be installed in the bathroom cabinet, which can save the wall for installing towel racks. I don't know where the towel rack is refitted now. It's depressing

9. The bathroom was paved without measuring the size. When loading the basin, I found that the belt was stuck low, so I had to cut the legs of the basin short, which made me feel sorry for my old waist and bent so sour! The light in the kitchen and bathroom should be brighter. Installing Philips or national ceiling lights has a good effect. You don't need to install too many spotlights. You don't have time to enjoy the effect after living for a long time. Besides, the light source is also a kind of pollution

10. A total of 2 tiles were selected in the bathroom, but the stupid worker pasted both tiles in the shower room. The outside corner line workers in the kitchen and bathroom gave me a white edge line instead of grinding the tiles 45 degrees. When everything is done, I understand it and get familiar with the workers. It's too late at this time

11. If you use toner to match the color of ceramic tile caulking agent, you'd better debug it first, and then decide the dosage, otherwise it's either too light or too deep

12. When I buy a basin, I don't understand anything. They said they wanted one hole or three holes. I said I only installed one faucet. He asked again if he had bought the dragon's head? I said no. As a result, they sent a three hole one. Now I want to buy a faucet. I found that the faucet with 3 holes is so ugly that my favorite Gaoyi has no 3 holes at all

13. The hanging arm electric water heater must be installed on the heavy wall, otherwise it cannot bear the weight of dozens of kilograms. My PP-R has been installed on the non heavy wall, and of course it can be connected through a meter long hose; In addition, catch up with the management of the gusset plate ceiling, and reserve 30cm at the right side of the electric water heater for maintenance

14. The small window in the bathroom, pushed and pulled up and down, was installed as a lower activity, fixed on the top, and found that it could only be closed frequently, relying on the exhaust fan to send the wind, depressed

15. The hole before the toilet is installed is so big that the floor drain cover can fall off. If your floor drain has been installed but the toilet is not installed, be sure to pay attention to the floor drain cover, or put the floor drain cover away and keep it elsewhere. It's easy to install the toilet. Just align it, glue it, put it away, and connect the water pipe. There are no screws, and there is no problem using them now. (is this job worth 50 yuan?)

16. The opening of the basin under the stage is better in the factory than on site, and the on-site grinding takes time and the effect is very poor. It should be noted that the pre opening position must be accurate. When my table is cut, opened and polished in the factory, I take the time to personally check and check on the site to ensure that the position is accurate. Installing the basin and table board under the table is not a simple job. Workers always like to be lazy, which annoys me! Repeated several times. Yes “ Monterey ” I'm very satisfied with the quality and processing, but I'm not satisfied with the installer

17. If you buy silica gel, Ge imported is absolutely the best, followed by GE packaged in Shanghai. Of course, if it is used in very unimportant places, the 7 or 8 yuan can also be used. For example, I use garbage grade silicone to block up the interior of the aluminum alloy window frame. However, all toilets and kitchens use GE silicone, which is worth it

18. The basin under the stage is more delicate, beautiful and easy to clean than the basin on the stage. Pay attention to the faucet under the platform. Considering the thickness of the basin edge, the faucet mouth should be longer

19. The gradient of the toilet floor should be considered before laying bricks. According to the gradient of the national standard, it can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use the odor proof floor drain or ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly aggravate the difficulty of drainage. Some people say that the slope is not beautiful, which I think is nonsense. On the contrary, it is a very comfortable thing that the water with a larger slope can run clean quickly

20. The stainless steel feet used in the bathroom floor cabinet are profiteering. Find some places on the back of the store and buy them at a crazy low price. When making the toilet basin cabinet, you should first consider the size of the basin, so as not to be unable to fit it in the future

21. Use putty around the squatting pan (pad the squatting pan when installing the squatting pan. It's better than using cement. Soft things.) OK, in case the cement breaks

22. When buying squatting stool, if you plan to use a water tank, you should pay attention to whether the water inlet of squatting stool matches the water tank

23. Pay attention to the opening of Yuba when ceiling in bathroom (square gusset plate need not be considered so much)

24. I didn't consider it well when squatting, and the water pressure in the toilet is too small

25. When buying a toilet, make sure whether you need to enter the water front or back

26. It is found that the toilet cannot be installed. One reason is that the hole spacing of the toilet 300 is 275 while the hole spacing of the sewer is 275. Here I want to remind you to pay attention to the hole spacing when you buy the toilet. The hole spacing of the water here is after tiling. When I bought it, the distance between the water holes was 300. It is not enough to notice the hole spacing after tiling. In fact, the hole spacing of the toilet that should be purchased at this time is 250. Now the hole spacing of the toilet has three specifications: 250300400. So we should pay attention to it. Hecheng didn't see 250, Wrigley did. The second reason is that this toilet is relatively short. I didn't improve the water. It happened that my house did not do well in these two aspects. The water inlet was high, and the manhole was just 300

27. I bought a forward. Yesterday, the workers came to install it, and they found that they had been cheated. Things are not expensive, 630 yuan, but the installation material fee is called black heart, a total of 105 yuan, 15 yuan outside the triangle valve can buy a good one, but the forward charges 20 yuan. The hose I bought myself was only 6 yuan a piece, and the forward charged 16 yuan. Remind TX door that when installing the water heater, first tell the installer to buy the materials himself. Don't be killed like me. I can't cry at all

28. If the bathroom is small, try to install a sliding door instead of opening it. The basin in the bathroom is more cost-effective and beautiful than what you make yourself. (my light marble countertop cost more than 500 meters, which is not cost-effective)

29. Do not install the faucet on the door pocket side (except for the shower room after 8), otherwise the water vapor will make the door pocket damp

30. In addition to leaving a socket near the washbasin, leave a socket in the cabinet under the washbasin (later a small water heater) and a socket near the toilet (later a toilet detergent). Also, pay attention to that the socket should not be placed behind the door at a narrow distance. Take into account the distance of the plug. It is also best to buy one with a panel. Some sockets that are not used for a long time are not easy to be damaged

31. It's best to have cabinets in the bathroom, where you can put some toilet supplies. My home is an open shelf, which is very dusty. It's best to design a convenient small bookshelf so that you can read when crouching in the pit. If you don't have enough TX, don't install the shower door first. The workers build the shower rack with ceramic tiles, and it's also good to buy a beautiful shower curtain! When taking a bath, you won't bump your arms because the bath place is small. Don't use too plain ceramic tiles in the bathroom. First, they are easy to get dirty, and second, they are too dull for a long time

32. The towel rack for hanging towels has two poles and one pole. When you buy it, you may think that the two poles are good-looking, and you can hang two more towels, but it's not the case in practice. Towels for different purposes cannot be hung together, that is to say, two towels are hung on one towel rack, and the extra pole is unnecessary, but it's still practical

33. The basin on the stage is not conducive to the sanitation of the table. From the perspective of convenience and beauty, buy an integral basin cabinet, and it is best to buy the basin under the stage

34. The sewer in the bathroom should be bent to prevent odor

35. My bathtub is slightly tilted in the opposite direction of the water. Every time I use the bathtub, there will be some water that can't be put in the bathtub. It's really troublesome. Similarly, if you take a shower, you should also pay attention to this. Fortunately, our shower room is paved with floor tiles, and the workers pay more attention to it. The downward direction is slightly inclined. After taking a bath, don't care about it. After a while, the ground will be dry. Similarly, it's the same with paving tiles on the balcony, otherwise there will be water on the balcony and mosquitoes will be raised in summer

36. The air outlet pipe of the water heater actually tilted upward. As a result, it rained last time, and the water poured back! Considering the drainage, the floor tiles in the bathroom are high outside and low inside. There was nothing wrong with it. The wrong thing is to forget that the floor drain is not in the innermost part. Now, there is often water between the floor drain and the wall

37. Whether the lavatory is wall drainage or floor drainage should be decided in advance. The position of the original sewer and floor drain should not be changed. If you can't change it, it's easiest to flood

38. When installing the bathroom faucet today, I found that no matter how to install the connection





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