Factors to consider when choosing radiators

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Factors that should be considered when choosing radiators

1. Choose a home market that consumers are satisfied with or trusted by after-sales service

2. Shop around. For goods of the same style and brand, we should consider comprehensively from the aspects of quality, price and service

3. Safety the safety performance of radiator is the most important. There are many factors related to the safety performance, among which the working pressure of radiator is a very important one. Many radiators at home and abroad use bar as the unit, and most of the working pressure is more than 10bar. 1bar can withstand the pressure equivalent to 10m water column. 10bar is 100m water column pressure. For the majority of users, radiators of 10bar or more should be a reasonable choice

4. When selecting models, you should know the inlet and outlet water temperature, required room temperature, room heat load, sill height and width, and whether the heating system you use is single pipe or double pipe

that is to say, the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator should be equal to the thermal load of the room in order to meet our own heating requirements. Therefore, the corresponding model of the radiator should be found out according to the model selection table of the corresponding business according to the obtained thermal load value

5. Whether the manufacturer has many years of experience in heating equipment production, and whether the products meet national standards

6. Whether good after-sales service can be provided and whether there is a professional plumbing measurement and installation team

7. Choose plate or column radiator. For the space with small area, such as the bathroom, the column radiator can be selected, because it adopts the wall mounted type, which can save indoor space; Towels or small clothes can also be hung on the horizontal column; For rooms with large areas, it is recommended to buy plate radiators, because the convection plate is added inside, and the radiation plus convection heat dissipation method can achieve the best heat dissipation effect in the shortest time and save a lot of energy

8. There is no actual relationship between the heat dissipation and the size of the inlet and outlet water pipes. It mainly depends on the flow rate of water in the heating. As long as the water flow rate can meet the standard, the heat dissipation will also be guaranteed. It is wrong to think that the inlet and outlet size of the heating pipe is large, and the heat dissipation performance is good

9. The name, specification, quantity, price and amount of radiator must be indicated on the invoice and contract

10. Know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the sponsor and the manufacturer, so that you can contact in time in case of quality problems





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