Green Xindu 95 square meters, simple style, magnif

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Decoration owner files:

decoration community: Green Xindu decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration area: 95 square meters decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration cost: 68000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

labor contracting method: half package

Design Description: this case is another typical case of emphasizing decoration and neglecting decoration. The lighting effect in the living room is very good, giving people a sense of grandeur. Other functional areas can also create a fashionable and comfortable environment with a warm feeling of home

public areas emphasize the expansion of space and transparent visual effects in an open way. At the same time, through the natural light source introduced by the external window, light and shadow interact with the space abundantly

in terms of the overall arrangement of the living room space, the theme design is to show the open momentum in an open way, and through solid wood, glass and stone, they jointly lay a rich and wonderful atmosphere for the open image of the space

the background wall beside the viewing window is treated with mirror, wallpaper and baking paint to create a layered effect, coupled with simple ceiling modeling, single chair and pillow, creating a comfortable and fashionable situation

the kitchen and living room adopt open design, with the bar as the intermediary factor of each other. The lower part of the bar is planned with wallpaper, combined with movable glass design, which is convenient for the replacement and change of wallpaper patterns

in the treatment of the wardrobe, the designer used the totem and baking varnish of wallpaper and the texture of Dali stone as the frame design, extending the tension performance in the sleeping space, and undoubtedly planning out the soft texture of white

the master bedroom area is designed with three-dimensional bright leather on the headboard, the frame is arranged with metal, and the sliding door is added to the right window to retain the lighting of the landscape, and the bathroom space is planned in the way of soup house on the balcony

the soup pool is planned to be part of the master bedroom in the way of a flat soup house. The window overlooks the outdoor landscape, and the space is defined by clear glass, oven and three warm rooms, which can effectively isolate moisture




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