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Modern simple style decoration design, fashionable furniture, simple decoration, 70 square meters small home is simple, exquisite and modern. Let's enjoy the following group of small house decoration design renderings with Xiaobian

the white ceiling, light gray background wall, floor lamp of black barrel lampshade, yarn floor curtain, light gray combination fabric sofa, exquisite small tea table, gray plush carpet in the figure, modern simple style decoration design presents the beauty of clean space, while creating a fresh and comfortable small family home, which feels very comfortable

the open pattern is the integration of guest restaurants. The decoration design of the restaurant in the picture is simple, with solid wood dining chairs and ball shaped chandeliers. The whole dining environment is very refreshing, which is in line with the design concept of modern simple style and the principle of small family home decoration. If you put a bunch of flowers on the table, the overall effect will be better

simple light gray roller blinds, solid wood double beds, solid wood bedside tables, exquisite wall wall lamps, and simple decoration bring people a fresh visual impression, create a loose and comfortable environment, and enhance the comfortable feeling of the room. The pot of purple flowers on the windowsill is very eye-catching, which has become the highlight of this small house decoration design effect drawing, and added a romantic atmosphere to the space at the same time

the same wooden platform is paved with beige fluffy carpet, creating the softest rest corner and improving the comfort of small house decoration. Moreover, the design of three walls ensures safety and gives people a comfortable feeling like tatami. It's a good choice to put more pillows on it and read and chat here. The design of the above two windows is perfect. With blue and white curtains, the windowsill of small houses can get light freely. Such a small space carries endless joy and becomes the focus of small house decoration

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