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With the increasing demand of the cabinet market, cabinet franchise stores are also increasing, so the decoration of cabinet franchise stores has become the top priority for cabinet franchisees. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see five details of the decoration of cabinet franchise stores. And Si scheme. Most of the brand manufacturers have their own unified standard and unified image door design scheme

many manufacturers' doorheads are even designed and made by manufacturers, and are uniformly distributed to dealers for use. The manufacturer has unified standards for the overall image, sign use, color use, size and spatial layout of the door head. There are detailed requirements for the material, thickness and process of the door head

the manufacturer's doorstep scheme has been tested in the national or local market and can basically achieve the effect of brand recognition. If the manufacturer distributes it uniformly, the dealer will be more worry free, as long as the precise size is provided. If it is made by the dealer himself, it is necessary to ensure the construction of drawings, ensure the material and technology, and never save money on the door

5. The information on the door should be brief and flexible according to the brand strength and location. A complete gateway should include: brand name, industry attributes, regional information, and core brand honor. If the door head is large enough, complete information can be placed. If you are in a store, because cabinets are generally sold in the designated area of the store, you should focus on the brand name. If the brand popularity is small, you can add the core honor of the brand

summary: five details of cabinet franchise and decoration of cabinet franchise store are introduced here. If you have more confusion about cabinet franchise, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below




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