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Epoxy resin grouting material includes three components: a (resin), B (curing agent) and C (filler). This product adopts high-quality resin and refined filler, with 100% solid content, and does not contain volatile substances harmful to human body such as solvents. After the three components in each group of materials are completely mixed at room temperature, it can be used without adding any other components. Epoxy grouting material provides a permanent solution for the secondary grouting installation of equipment in areas that need to withstand vibration, impact and chemical corrosion for a long time. It has been continuously proved that it can greatly prolong the operation cycle and component service life of rotating equipment

product characteristics:

(1) high strength and early strength have better mechanical properties such as compression and bonding than cement-based materials, and higher early strength

(2) no shrinkage ensures that the grouting layer is in full contact with the bearing surface after final molding, which is in line with the high accuracy of equipment installation

(3) creep resistance is used for a long time without plastic deformation under the harsh physical conditions of -40 ℃ to +80 ℃ alternating freezing and thawing and vibration pressure

(4) high toughness can resolve the dynamic load transmitted by dynamic equipment that may burst the cement-based grouting layer

(5) corrosion resistance can withstand the long-term contact corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, grease and other chemicals

product usage:

used for the secondary grouting installation of high vibration equipment such as compressors, pumps, stamping machines, pulverizers, ball mills, etc

it is used for grouting in the area of equipment foundation vulnerable to chemical erosion

used for grouting in strong pressure areas such as track foundation and bridge support

used for anchor bolts, reinforcement planting and concrete reinforcement of building structures

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